Our history may be colorful and diverse, but one tradition remains constant....

Cornish Manor represents the historic and legendary charm of Garrett County. 

Take a trip through time and enjoy the story of The Manor.

          Built in 1868-9, Cornish Manor is a restaurant that truly represents the history and legendary charm of Garrett County. The Manor was originally the summer “cottage” of Judge Wilton J Lambert, a federal Judge from Washington D.C.  One of the many spectacular homes built during the post-Civil War era, the area saw an influx of wealthy summer residents seeking to escape the oppressive city heat and humidity.  Traveling on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, people of means were transported to the cool atmosphere of Maryland mountaintop resorts.  Cornish Manor was known as “Thorncroft” in those days and was one of the largest cottages in the area.  Originally, the estate was over 19 acres—much larger than the property is today.  The grounds were truly impressive boasting over 1,400 cultivated hydrangeas, 171 fruit trees and 3 acres of mature forests with large patches of red raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.  The house had 14 rooms in addition to the kitchen, laundry and servants quarters.  An elegant porch encompassed much of the house and remains a focal point of the structure to this day.         Judge Lambert sold “Thorncroft” around 1895, and the property changed hands…and names…several times over the years.  Lou Cornish, a member of the fraternal organization of the Red Men Club, purchased the property in 1947.  At that time, Garrett County was dry and liquor was outlawed.  According to the local lore, the Red Men Club quietly operated the estate as a sort of speakeasy until the mid 1950’s.  Mr. Cornish sold the property in 1955 only to repurchase it in 1959.  He and his wife, Cecilia, renovated the house and opened a restaurant and cocktail lounge named Cornish Manor.  The property continued to change hands over time but continued to operate as a dining establishment as it does today. In 2004, a major restoration was completed to both the manor house and to the grounds. Much of the original woodwork and fixtures were restored in an attempt to preserve the charming history of Cornish Manor.  The Manor welcomes guests with its classic elegance and unique mix of Victorian and modern décor.  The continental cuisine offers many fine choices that will complement the warm ambience that only Cornish Manor can offer. Restaurateur Emily Berry extends a warm welcome for you to experience the history and charm of Cornish Manor.